Loops, an other Producing Way

In today’s and tomorrow’s musical world, composers must be very perceptive and versatile in order to propose ever more innovative stuff. Producers creates music more efficiently and with more original touches. That’s why they call upon other composers to create varied melodies and samples. These composers are called “loopmakers”. They can be beatmakers or composers specialized in this field.

Learning is sharing the knowledge that makes us grow.

Olivier Lockert.

What are the benefits to work with Loopmakers?

  • Time Saving. A pre-composed melody allows you to have a basis on which to compose a song and leads to better productivity.
  • Creativity. The Producer discovers new sounds and new sources of inspiration on his creation process. Moreover a recorded Instrument will humanize your Music.

A lot of producers start or undertake a musical activity without practicing an instrument or having studied in the field. This characteristic is not a weakness, far from it. Because of their instinctive vision of music, the limits are always pushed back. Collaborating with musicians or loopmakers who have a theoretical background in music allows for a blending of at least two musical visions, which increases possibilites of innovation. Each one learns and takes note from the other.

Who am I ?

From my name Gabalone, I am part of this category of composer (LOOPMAKER). Classical/electrical guitarist but also producer, I started music 15 years ago. Previously producer of electronic music and practicing guitar in various bands, my musical influences are diversified (Rock, Metal, Electronic music, Classical). My inspiration comes from my musical background but also from my surroundings. Today, thanks to my loops quality, I worked on songs written by Gold and Platinium certified Urban Artists. By the way, I integrate a Producer/Loopmaker crew called ” The Sphere “. My team receives and gives in a continuous flow loops, beats, kits to work and thus to create alchemy in our creations. We can find there some producers like Croisade or 9am which made their proofs.

Each composer has his own signature

The versatility of a composer is an important part in the creation. It is not unusual to see producers applying music in other genres being far from rap.. Today, music world is permanently bathed in a soup where all styles share common points. From “Rock Rap” as Post Malone does or Tyler the Creator who can compact 3 or more genres in the same music, rap has never been as shaped as it is nowadays. This way of working the music although not new is the key to make the artists of tomorrow. The mix of genres can be found in my creations and my pieces. The musical influences of my youth (Rock, metal) brought me to practice the guitar. The habit of playing several instruments afterwards fed my curiosity to discover new musical horizons. The sound of my samples are varied. However, we can find a signature with “indie” influences, soaring atmospheres but also loops in Latino fields based on classical guitars. Without forgetting that trap, afro or hip-hop bring the guideline so that my loops are the most in harmony with the artist or the producer.

Loopmaker’s signature lies also in the contract.

There are mainly two Process: Either the loopmaker collaborates directly with other composers and receives royalties on the finished song or he becomes a salesman and offers a price on his loops which will then be royalty free (this part can change. It depends on the loopmaker).

The Sphere

A true laboratory of musical creation

created one and a half year ago, our crew “The Sphere” finds its mark by our placements but also by the diversity as a musical experience. Each member of the crew has his own vision of music. Our ship is composed of 5 Musicians/producers including myself: Croisade, Noctua, 9am and Le Cameleon. From conservatory level musicians to the innovative visions, the crew thrives on versatility. So an artist requesting specific content from us is not an impediment. Our portfolio is not the least one. Damso, Ninho, Gradur to name a few. Our seeds of creativity have also been sown with equally talented rappers, even at the US with Landon Cube and Night Lovell.